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Humphrey Gabrielle
 I have experienced the most professional and most efficient immigration services uscispassportsvisa.com; I have used uscispassportsvisa.com for my work permit previously and was amazed with the results. I will retain uscispassportsvisa.com to help me with my PR card and will recommend to all my friends and relatives. Tracy Renaud and George have always been available to answer my questions, provide proper direction and fast processing. They have made the entire process seamless. I am so glad my employer put me in touch with Tracy Renaud as she really took control over my matter. I have dealt with other immigration services and law firms in the past and the service I receive here is simply out of this world. No question or concern of mine was left unanswered. In fact, as soon as I sent an email a response will send back with a very detailed answer. Don’t know how they do it but I can only say how great the entire experience has been. 

Lindsay Paul
 I got my Canadian e-Passport and PR visa, and I'd like to thank you and Tracy Renaud for all the effort you put in, I appreciate it very much! 

Lori Simpson
 Tracy, Thank you so much for all of your assistance in regards to my H4 Visa and travel documents. I had no issues at the border and am now securely in the US. I will be in contact with uscispassportsvisa.com in the future when I am prepared to seek employment (and thus getting an H1B visa). I sincerely appreciate everything uscispassportsvisa.com has done for me. Regards! 

Larissa Caroline
 Wanted to give thanks to you Tracy personally for carrying me through this particular uncommon experience. I am aware that you spent the time to listen to me & amp; allowed me to explain a history of my circumstance, comprehend it and assist me to provide a fantastic application. I went in imagining the most difficult situation due to past situations with a past Toronto Visa and law firm, however instead went into an excellent situation. The official did not have any negative responses in relation to the request and supplied the L1A Visa within a few minutes of waiting for the meeting time frame. Many thanks, I highly recommend uscispassportsvisa.com with regard to service as well as know-how 

Jim Timothy
 Great News, Everything went well at the Peace Bridge crossing today. I received my Work Visa and am okay to start work. The process went very smoothly. Thanks for your help in obtaining my Work Visa 

Herburg Thompson
 Dear Tracy Renaud: I passed my final Ph.D . exam this week and I am finished at the University of Western Ontario except for a few minor things. I want to thank you for all you did for me and your prompt response to facilitate and expedite the study permit that I needed. The border agents were very nice and gave me the study permit easily. They only used the cover letter you prepared and did not ask me to submit any other paperwork. Nevertheless, I am grateful for your help to ensure that I was super prepared and ready for any eventuality. It was well worth it. God bless you both uscispassportsvisa.com. 

Denny and Janice K
 I heartily thank you uscispassportsvisa.com for providing me with my driving license, US Passport and Permanent residence. It was a great experience and I thank God I met your website on time. I will recommend you to any of my family members and friends. 

Ron T
 We used the services of uscispassportsvisa.com and couldn't be happier. They handled our case from start to finish without any problems. We have our visas & Passports and can get on with our lives. Thank you for everything. 

 Great visa service, great lawyers and visa experts. All I can say is "thank you" for getting my visa and passport quickly. Your legal team helped me when others couldn't. Your fees were reasonable and everything went smoothly. Thank you for everything! I would highly recommend uscispassportsvisa.com to anyone wishing to move to UK, Germany, Canada or to the US 

Marco Sentry
 Dear uscispassportsvisa.com, Thank you very much for your work on our Canadian Permanent Residence Application and TRP. I just got off the phone with Juanita. We are extremely happy that we will be together again that we can't even believe it yet. We have been looking forward to this day for so long that now that it is here. I can't describe what I feel. I just want to say thank you so much for everything. We will always be grateful for what you have done for us. Juanita told me that now what I have to do is just buy a ticket once I get the official paper from you and present it at the port of entry. I will be traveling as soon as possible. Please let me know when you send the document to me to be aware of its arrival. Thanks again, we are so happy.... Kind regards 

Donald Walton
 I want you to know how much I appreciated your quick response in arranging a US Border crossing package for me, to enable me to view the loading of the Torren livestock Carrier from Australia. I arrived at Lewiston Border on Dec27th and was granted a B1 Entry to the USA until Jan3. I give credit to uscispassportsvisa.com for the excellent work you did in preparing the US entry package, which allowed me entrance to the US 

James Simba
 It has been a tough process but we made it through. Thanks again to Tracy and your whole team at uscispassportsvisa.com. You have all been very classy in your service. I would recommend you practice to anyone who needs your service 

Harjit Steve
 This is for my lawyer Tracy Renaud at uscispassportsvisa.com. I want to share my own experience I had with this immigration lawyer regarding my immigration issues and everything she has done for me. Her efforts at getting me Canadian Permanent Residence changed my life. She is an excellent lawyer and I will always recommend her to all my friends and I will definitely come back to Tracy if I need more immigration help. I really don't have words to describe my feelings. All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Ruby Conners
 I just came back from the Lewiston Bridge, and thank God, including you uscispassportsvisa.com for your services. By His grace, my TN visa has been granted!! Thank you again for your advice and expertise Mrs. Tracy. I will in keep in contact with you, if I have further questions. 

 After finding myself being let down by a firm of attorneys (that shall remain nameless) for failing to submit my application for renewal of my E-2 Visa after having paid my full fees, I found myself in a desperate position as my business would suffer without my physical presence in the US. I retained the services of uscispassportsvisa.com - my attorney Tracy and his legal assistant George were both professional and courteous in their approach and importantly, were able to successfully take care of obtaining my investor visa. I was regularly kept informed of all progress and any further requirements to meet the criteria. I would recommend anyone requiring legal representation for assistance in acquiring any UK, Germany, Canadian and US visas. 

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Відгуки Trustpilot

Паспортна віза USCIS

Відгуки Trustpilot

Родріке Мірес

Сьогодні я отримав виписку з банківського рахунку Wells Fargo за 3 місяці, і її було перевірено. Не можу віддячити, коли мені знадобиться, я повернуся. Я так вдячна

Монзіка Клінтон

Минулого тижня в четвер замовив дві готові компанії, а сьогодні отримав усі деталі. Для мене це справді хороший початок цього року. Дуже дякую, що допомогли мені скористатися цією чудовою можливістю

Морізенд Бенджаз

Дякую, це було чудово. Видав свою виписку з банківського рахунку за 12 місяців із необхідними коштами та зміг перевірити онлайн. Чудова робота, буду замовляти знову

Сахаджа Єнігалла

Найкращий персонал з дуже хорошими знаннями про оформлення паспортів. Складні справи розглядаються легко та орієнтовані на результат. Дякую, що проклали шлях для моєї кар'єри. Без вашої допомоги мені було б неможливо приїхати так довго. Велике спасибі за все, що ви зробили для підтримки моєї заявки. Дуже рекомендую для подорожей за кордон

Шивані Бхангу

Це шостий раз, коли я подорожую зі своїм швейцарським паспортом, який я отримав від вашої команди, я справді зрозумів силу вашого обслуговування. Це неймовірно добре. Буде набагато впевненіше рекомендувати ваші послуги.

Харджіт Сінгх Оберой

Надійна та надійна компанія, швидкість обробки неймовірна. Цінується

Джагжит Сінгх Габа

Найкраще місце, але оформлення мого паспорта зайняло трохи більше часу, ніж очікувалося. Наступного разу, будь ласка, зробіть послугу набагато швидшою

Палві Чхабра

Дякую команді USCIS Passports Visa, яка надала мені багато вказівок. Сьогодні я дуже щасливий, оскільки отримав візу до Канади протягом 12 днів із загальним балом 6,5 не менше 5,5. Я рекомендую всім студентам приходити сюди і подавати документи тут.

Манпріт Багха

Мені було важко отримати виписку з банківського рахунку для школи, до якої я хотів подати заявку, тому що відсутність бюджету на суму, зазначену в банківській виписці, змусила мене почати шукати, де я можу отримати законну. Дякую, ваша команда мені дуже допомогла. Я завжди буду вдячний.

Манпріт Сінгх Лубана

Паспорти USCIS Visa — найкраще місце для отримання візи. Вони дуже професійно та розумно допоможуть. Я рекомендую всім відвідати їхній веб-сайт. Завдяки чудовій підтримці я отримую візу за один місяць.
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