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Who is an Expungement Lawyer?

Hire an Expungement lawyer. Expungement lawyers are professional lawyers who help individuals to clean their criminal records from the state, court registry or database systems. Hire an expungement lawyer, professional hacker from USCIS Passports visa to clean or clear off your criminal record or details from any court registry or database system. Survey shows that Every 2 out of 7 persons has committed a crime. We clean criminal records of individuals every day. Thousands of clients have gone court free with no trace of their criminal history from our professional service. Contact US NOW!

What is an Expungement?

Expungement is a legal procedure designed to destroy or remove from view all or part of the records of a case. An expungement can also mean that the adverse finding or guilt is removed by withdrawing, vacating, annulling or setting aside the finding of guilt. Thereby expunging the conviction from the records (and often lifting some or all of the legal ramifications of the original adverse finding) without otherwise affecting access to the records. Hire an Expungement lawyer.

The need for expungement has greatly increased in the last decade because of the dramatic increase in the use of criminal background checks. For instance, studies showed that about 30 percent of employers conducted criminal background checks in 1994. That number increased to 94 percent by 2019.

The increase in criminal background checks has been driven by two things. First, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 dramatically heightened concerns over security. This has increase criminal background checks for everything from employment to international travel. Second, advances in computers, software and the internet have made it easier for companies to gather criminal records and distribute them to consumers at a very affordable price.

There is a rapid increase in demand for criminal background checks and the better quality of data at a lower price. This drastically has a harmful consequence of a criminal record to last a lifetime, unless the records are expunged. Many people contend that this is an injustice. Reason why there is a rapid need for an expungement lawyer to erase your criminal record.

Why chose our expert Expungement Lawyers?

Expunge your record with a trusted, national and international record clearing and expungement law firm. When seeking a criminal record expungement, you probably would want to hire the most experience professional to erase your criminal record. If you want to expunge or seal your criminal record, you want experienced expungement lawyers on your side.

  • We have successfully expunged or sealed more than 378,000 criminal records, and our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience. We’ve litigated and won numerous important appellate cases that actually changed how courts interpret expungement law. You can trust us to handle your expungement or sealing at a price you can afford.
  • We Can Quickly Update Background Check Companies to Reflect Your Expunged or Sealed Record. even after the court has granted your expungement or sealing, we will continue working to make sure that you move forward with confidence. With our exclusive Expedited Record Clearance Update service, over 650 of the leading background check companies will reflect the positive changes to your criminal record in less than 14 days. If you are also concerned about other private, personal information appearing online, our Background Check Removal service can remove all of your information, including your criminal history, from over 40 popular people search websites.

Who can see that my record has been expunged?

After expungement, when a criminal background check is done that searches for convictions, the record will NOT show up because it is no longer a conviction. That being said, the arrest still remains on the record, as there is a difference between expungement and sealing an arrest.

In an Internet-reliant age, anyone with a credit card can perform a background check online on anyone they wish. With a background check, if your record has been expunged, the criminal conviction will not be apparent even if a previous arrest might be. It will simply show as a record of arrest with no conviction. Although the criminal record has been expunged, the remaining arrest could also prove as a hindrance in landing a job.

Some felony and misdemeanor offenses that can be expunged include:

  • Petty theft
  • Grand theft
  • Possession of marijuana (or other controlled substances)
  • Shoplifting
  • DUI
  • Domestic Violence (DV)
  • Assault, battery, assault with a deadly weapon
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Prostitution
  • Indecent exposure
  • and many more…
Expungement Lawyers Erases Criminal Records from Government Database Systems

Our expungement expert lawyers since 1989 till date has made it supper easy with the great experience over these years. We clear off your criminal records from any country’s database system perfectly without any mishap. Our profound experience in this domain is coupled with the long term working experience with several government criminal database systems. Do you have a criminal record with law enforcement, FBI, police, schools, airports, companies! We are here to clean them off.

Full Criminal Record systems contain: Your legal names, date of birth, personal characteristics, disposition, stays in proceedings, withdrawn charges, conviction history, dates associated with each conviction, Jurisdiction, acquittals, absolute & conditional discharges.

Criminal record synopsis contains: Name, individual data and conviction history only

Criminal Name System Index. Demonstrates just that a record may exist.

5 Reasons to Hire an Expungement attorney
  • To Make the Process a Lot Faster. Yes, it is true that you can represent yourself. However, you have to take note that expungement could be a very complicated process. If you are not quite familiar with it, you might not be able to seal your arrest and conviction records. But with the help of an expert, you can be sure that you will be guided every step of the way, which could make the process a lot faster.
  • To Know the Right Paperwork to File. This process also entails tons of paperwork that a judge will have to review later on. This is another important reason why you should hire the services of an excellent expungement attorney as they already know the ins and outs of the entire process.
  • To Get Updated on the Current Laws. Expungement laws may vary from one place to another. A good lawyer will get you updated on the current laws that apply in the territory where you reside. They know what to do in order for you to successfully seal your records.
  • To Represent You in Court. If you have an attorney by your side all throughout the expungement process, you will be more confident when appearing before the judge. You would know what to say and what to do to increase your chances of getting your records sealed off.

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