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Manlip Marcel

Manlip Marcel

Manlip Marcel
SEO Marketing Strategist

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Manlip Marcel is the SEO Marketing Strategist for He is responsible for managing and directing organic search initiatives as well as organic lead generation strategy. He oversees the content creation and social marketing teams.

Marcel is a results-oriented corporate marketing leader who excels at defining corporate brands, building targeted marketing infrastructure, and managing large-scale projects with dynamic teams. He has built and sold legal marketing companies responsible for millions of dollars in revenue and thousands of high value leads. Marc builds exceptional teams that utilize data-driven models and methods as well as creativity to solve customer challenges. He is responsible for search engine optimization strategies and related marketing analytics focused on immigration law firms. He has extensive experience in designing SEO and digital marketing strategies for law firms in general.

Mr. Manlip Marcel has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology and Economics from Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania. He began his career in 1999 as an apprentice software developer for Winmill Software Inc., New York where he developed applications in Enterprise Java and Cold Fusion/SQL Server, worked with many Fortune 500 accounts and the US Government for five years during which he was promoted multiple times and received a Most Valuable Employee Award.

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