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Residenza permanente canadese

canada permanent residence

Canada Permanent Residence

Canada Permanent Residence
Canada Permanent Residence

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Canada Permanent Residence Process Application – Canada’s “Green card”

If you are inspired with immigration to Canada on a PR basis, and wish to settle down in Canada then you have to follow Canada PR Process. Before that you must acquaint yourself with the possibilities for you and your family in Canada.

Canada permanent residence
Canada Permanent Residence Application

L'immigrazione è la procedura legale che ti permette di ottenere Residente permanente status in Canada. As a permanent resident, you are issued an immigrant visa called a Record of Landing by the Canadian government that allows you to live, work and study in Canada on a permanent basis. There is no such thing as a “Canadian Green Card”. Rather we call it a Permanent Resident Card but it essentially serves the same purpose as a US Green Card.

Applying for Canadian immigration can be an exciting time for anyone wishing to live in a country full of opportunities. However, the application process can be very complex, time consuming and difficult. It is therefore essential that if you are considering applying for Canadian permanent residence, you get professional help. The last thing you want is to be told your application is refused after months and sometimes years of waiting.

What is Canada PR Visa?

Canada PR Visa is granted to immigrants who have the right to work and live in Canada with no stay limit. To get a Canada PR Visa, the potential applicant must apply to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Canada PR is granted to someone who is given a status of a Permanent Resident. On the basis of several compelling factors like quality of living, environment, security, career opportunities, etc. the world apex body, the United Nations (UN), has rated Canada as the Number One place across the globe, for permanent residence purposes and getting into Canada through Canada Permanent Resident Visa is the best option.

Canada PR Process
Canada PR Process

How to become Canada permanent resident!

There are a number of ways to obtain a Canadian Immigrant Visa. You should think about it in terms of “immigration categories”. Each category represents a legal means for an applicant to obtain permanent resident status. Three main categories for Canadian immigration are:

  • Independent/Skilled Worker Category
  • Business Immigration
  • Family Class Immigration
  • Canadian Experience Class
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If you want to immigrate to Canada, you will have to qualify under at least one of these categories.

As Permanent Residence
As Permanent Residence

Benefits of Permanent Residency in Canada?

  • Right to Live, Work and Study in any Province or Territory of Canada
  • The Permanent Resident can apply for Canadian Citizenship.
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Social Benefits
  • Well Protected by the Canadian Law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Courtesy its two official languages, English and French which enjoy widespread popularity across many countries. The presence of the nationals having varied religious and ethnic backgrounds further enhances its appeal as a popular world immigration destination. You need to be proficient in the French or English in order to fulfill the PR eligibility of Canada.

Once I become a Canadian PR what are my obligations?

Citizenship and Immigration to Canada requires that permanent residents of Canada hold a valid permanent resident card. You will need to meet the permanent residency requirements and renew your permanent residence card every five years. www.uscispassportsvisa Immigration lawyers has handed all types of Canadian immigration applications with great success. Let us help/process your application. Contact our office for a comprehensive assessment of your case. We won the 2010, 2017 and 2019 Top Choice Award for Immigration Services in North Carolina and Toronto. And we are here for you!

How to apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa

The dual ways in which you can apply for a Canada PR Process  are the

  • Express Entry Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to start with.
  • Within Express Entry one can procure a PR online, by fulfilling the Eligibility Requirements, based on Age, Education, Work Experience and Language Proficiency.
  • For Provincial Program the candidate should meet the requirements as per the province.

What are the Key Documents Required for Canada PR Visa ?

Documentation is one of the crucial steps in the process of Canada immigration. Candidates are advised to go through it carefully as any misrepresentation or error might put their entire PR application at jeopardy. As an applicant, one must know that all documents submitted by you are up-to-date and they must be submitted within 60 days of receiving an Invitation to Apply. In case you have any doubt, do not hesitate to take help from a professional immigration consultant to avoid making any mistakes while filing the ITA.

Below is the list of important documents that CIC may asked you to submit before issuing a PR visa for Canada. So, take a look at the list that is mandatory for all applicants to furnish within a time frame:

  • Educational Documents – School certificates, Bachelors (Degree & mark sheets) Masters (Degree & mark sheets) and IELTS Report (all documents in 1 single PDF)
  • Employment Records from companies where you have worked so far. Your evidence should include- Reference letter from each employer, promotion letter, increment letters, salary slips of last 3 months and all other supporting letters of this particular designation and employer.
  • Your English/French language test results (IELTS or TOEFL) – You can buy IELTS or TOEFL from us.
  • Proof of funds (Bank Certification Letter along with Bank statements, Any fixed deposits, PPF, and ITR’s of last 2 years of Self – (all in a single PDF). We sell real bank statements.
  • Provincial or territorial Nomination certificate (if applicable)
  • Marriage Certificate (in case of married)
  • Documents related to Divorce certificate or legal separation agreement (if separated)
  • Passport Copy of Self (All passports till date) – starting from current to previous accordingly (all pages of all the passports in 1 single PDF).
  • Medicals Acknowledgement Receipt of Self
  • Other relevant documents as requested by the immigration authorities.
Spousal Sponsorship petitions

Spousal Sponsorship and Family Applications

If you have a spouse or other family relatives interested in coming to Canada, you may be able to sponsor them under the Family Class.  Sponsorship Applications are the most popular way to re-unite families in Canada. Whether you are sponsoring a spouse, common law partner, conjugal partner or child, you have options. However, the sponsorship application procedure is not easy. The paper work involved is extensive. The procedures are complicated and many cases are refused. Our law firm has been processing Sponsorship applications for over 32 years. Let us review your case and provide you with the process and guidance needed for a successful application. Email us at

How to qualify for a Spousal Sponsorship Application

Spousal sponsorship are for immigrants who are sponsored for Permanent Residence by a close relative in Canada who is either a Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada. Your relative in Canada is your Sponsor.

To qualify as a Sponsor your relative must be:

  • Your spouse or;
  • Your Mother or Father or; *
  • Your Grandmother or Grandfather or; *
  • Your dependent child or;
  • Your brother, sister, nephew, niece who is orphaned under the age of 19 years and who is unmarried or;
  • Any relative who has no relatives listed above whom they can sponsor.

The Sponsor must be able to financially support the immigrant (and dependents) and to provide for their essential needs. There also are strict income requirements that the Sponsor must meet to qualify. However, if the Sponsor is sponsoring a spouse or a dependent child under the age of 19 who is unmarried, then these strict income requirements do not apply. However the sponsor must still demonstrate his or her ability to financially support the immigrant.

The Sponsor must also sign a Sponsorship Agreement between the Sponsor and the Immigrant as well as enter into an agreement with the Government of Canada. The Sponsor in entering into the agreement with the Government of Canada agrees to provide for the essential needs of the immigrant and dependents for a prescribed period of time. Failure to meet any of the terms and conditions provided for in this agreement could result in legal action being taken against the Sponsor.

NOTE: New Changes for Spousal Sponsorship cases now in force 

Sponsoring your Parent and Grandparent? Consider the Super-visa

There is a hold on all Parental and Grandparent Sponsorship Applications for a two year period as of November 2011. CIC has initiated Super-visas which allow for quick 10 year multiple entry Visas for up to 24 months. Supervisas are a relatively new Visa. The process for Supervisa is different than the Sponsorship Application Process.  Contact us for details on the Super-visa application.

Need help with your Sponsorship Application?

Contattaci for an assessment of your sponsorship application. Our immigration lawyers are here to help you bring your relative to Canada.

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